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About the Designer

I’m a brand designer and strategist for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are interested in incorporating green values into their brands. Going green can be overwhelming and it’s my job to guide clients through the green print design process and help explore and research options tailored to their brand that are both cost-effective and environmentally-sustainable. I believe in taking things one step at a time. My own journey to lead an environmentally-sustainable low-waste life has only just begun, but I only changed one thing at a time and kept re-evaluating how I could do better after each step. I take this approach with my clients as well, so the process is guilt-free, enjoyable and comfortable. The process of branding or re-branding can be intimidating.

“I have so many ideas I don’t know how to even begin!”
“I’m wanting to go in a slightly different direction with my company and I’m just not sure if my logo is completely right anymore”

It is my pleasure to guide you through a branding or re-branding process that will resonate with your clients, new or old.

I have a deep love of beautiful print design. I believe in effective print design and want to help pick up where others have left off in the pursuit of tangible “green design” to help standardize environmentally-friendly graphic design practices.

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Eco-Conscious Design

Graphic designers produce the most beautiful trash in the world. This quote was what got me thinking about the impact my work has on the environment. Little Fox Design is a small west-coast design studio focused on creating minimalist, striking, environmentally-conscious brands and print design. Little Fox focuses on being as eco-conscious as possible through printing and design methods. These methods include printing on 100% recycled paper from Post-Consumer Waste, using plant-based soy inks, and ensuring that the paper printed on is Ancient Forest Certified in order to create less of an environmental impact.

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I believe in the design process being as transparent as possible. I want you to confidently know how to use your newly developed branding and logo files. This is why every package comes with a style-guide and file-type guide.


I believe in the branding process being heavily based in research and that the process of creating a brand is a process less of art, than of problem solving. I want to help you overcome the specific issues you are having in reaching your desired clients through the branding process.

Small steps

I don’t think it’s helpful or sustainable to try and go 100% green immediately. I believe in taking small steps to build up a greener company, and to take joy and pride in the process of sustainably building a more sustainable design process. This is why I only implement that business card and brochure paper stocks be at least 100% recycled paper as a start, with everything else a recommended choice.

Let’s Work Together

I can’t wait to give you the royal brand treatment so your beloved small business has a beautiful face you’re proud to share with the world.

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09:00 ~ 17.00